Memory allocation error with Hasher.php from webinstaller

both Webinstaller NC 17.0.0 and 16.0.3 throw this:

“password_hash(): Memory allocation error at /[…]/nextcloud/lib/private/Security/Hasher.php#80”

How do I set “memory cost” value for the ARGON2 hasher?

  • Philipp

It isn’t helpful to waste the valuable time of the volunteers trying to help you, be opening multiple requests covering the same problem. I think you should wait until some is able to answer your question :wink:

Hello J-ED,

you certainly don’t need to waste your time on my questions, if you do not want to.
I was just trying to break my problem down into smaller steps, thinking that somebody may not want to read the whole thread down to the bottom. I can close the this or the thread for sure, if that should be necessary for your health. BTW: neither of your posts was helpful so far, so what’s the sense? RTFM? Read the logs!? I certainly do that before posting …

I am going to write an official bug report now, as I could narrow my problem down to the call of that “hasher.php” during installation time.
I hope that this will help others as well, for my part: it took me days to find out.

  • Philipp