Memories not accessing media in "External Storage"

How can i enable Memories to access media files specified in Nextcloud’s “External Storage”?

Under External Storage (in Nextcloud), I specified media folders. When I go to Memories app, and when selecting location of pictures, I can see the “External Storage” folders. However, selecting these folders do NOT load pictures in Memories app.

Is this expected behavior?

Did you read the manual?

It may take a while, until the photos are indexed. You can speedup indexing with occ:

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I have the same problem. I’ve mounted a SBM-share via “external storage” in nextcloud and pointed the memories-app (and the photos-app) to it.

I do see the files on this external storage in both apps (as well as the files-app) and it created thumbnails for both (images and videos) and I can also open the image but the video won’t open/play. But it plays just fine in the photos-app.

Looking at the chromes dev console, I can see that the photos-app opens the file just fine:

But in the memories app the request is canceled:

Any more ideas on this? It doesn’t seem like an index problem.