Memcache & Redis

Nextcloud Hub 5 27.0.1 on Ubuntu Server with Nginx Webserver 1.18.0

All running well and I am down to just 2 advisory warnings in the Administation screen header.
I did have 2 regarding memcache but got rid of one successfully by adding/configuring ACPu.

The remaining memcache warning is as at bottom of post.

When I look at the docs it ‘seems’ to indicate I must install Redis to get rid of the warning, but elsewhere in the NC docs it ‘seems’ to indicate that for a small server like mine (max users will be 6 or 7, avg 2 or 3) just configuring ACPu is all that’s needed.

I am happy to do whatever but don’t want to install stuff that’s not really needed - the server machine is an older machine, coping fine so far, but no point taxing it more than needed to my mind - lean and mean! :wink:

So can anyone offer definitive advice please?
(appreciate this is probably a done to death topic, but I couldn’t find a solid answer anywhere, apologies if I missed something)

The database is used for transactional file locking. To enhance performance, please configure memcache, if available. See the documentation for more information.

That is correct,

That is also correct, because these warnings aren’t hard requirements, they are more like recommendations. So at the end of the day you have to decide by yourself whether you need to take action or not.

I have only two users on my server, and I use APCu for Memcache, and Redis for File Locking. Because why not, right? :wink:

No, because it mainly depends on how you are using your server. Is it strictly necessary on a server with six or seven users? Probably not, but it certainly doesn’t hurt either, and it should increase performance, especially in situations where multiple users perform simultaneous file operations.

You should absolutely do that, if you haven’t done so already… Transactional file locking — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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Thank you so much for such a detailed explanation, very helpful indeed and yes, I will go ahead with Redis as well as read/learn a bit more. Am relatively new to server operations in general but one thing I have learnt is not to rush ahead if you’re unsure. Very much a case of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it :wink:

Many thanks again.

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All installed, running and warning message gone away, hurrah.

Just one thing, I didn’t remove ACPu Memcache, as some guidance said to do, because those guides dated from much older PHP and server versions.
A newer guide for PHP8.1 made no mention of that but perhaps I still should?
Now Nextcloud is seemingly all happy I don’t want to break it by fixing something that doesn’t need fixing…

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