Member level in Circles


I’ve checked the Circles app which looks really great.

I understand that a member is the (unique) Admin of a Circle. I also understand there are ‘normal’ members - people who are part of the Circle. However, I was condering if there are other member levels after having see the API below (on Github)?
So… is there only two member levels or more?

Thanks for your help :wink:

api.levelMember(circleId, userId, level, callback);

Edit the level of a member of the circle. The current level of the target needs to be lower than the user that initiate the process (ie. the current user). The new level of the target cannot be the same than the current level of the user that initiate the process (ie. the current user).

Here are the different levels shown in the web interface.

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Hi SmallOne,
Many thanks for your help.
May I ask you where I can find descriptions for those roles?
Kind regards

Member is the lower level, user is a member of the circle,
Moderator can add and remove member from the circle,
Admin can edit the settings and add/remove members/moderators,
Owner can delete the circle, add/remove members/moderators/admins.

In case the account of the Owner got deleted, the oldest Admin will be promoted to Owner


Very clear - Thank you.