MediaMetadata app to extract and store meta data from media files

A GSoC student is currently working on an app which will automatically extract meta data from media files in order to be able to offer some enhanced features in media apps.

This is what we had in mind.

We’ll focus on priority 1 items first and then iterate.

You can find additional information about the fields in the wiki:

We would be thankful for your input.

Not sure if it conflicts or whatever, but my wife always wanted to have Photoshop/OS tags to be read and added as system tags. Is that related to the Keywords part, or are those tags a different thing then the Keywords?

I haven’t considered more advanced formats such as Photoshop or AI, but if the formats are open, contain an entry for tags or keywords and we can find a PHP library to extract the headers, then it shouldn’t be a problem to extract that information.
The plan is to use the tagging API to store that information, so in that respect the spreadsheet is wrong.
The biggest hurdle though is that not all formats have a specific field to hold keywords, so a lot of images may end up without any tags.

There is the 3rdparty extention for getID3.
It was recently minimized from a lot of media-adapters to MP3 only.

Are you obly looking at pics or perhaps a future obe-for-all?

Yeah, that change made me sad, but then I understand the reasons behind it.

I’d like to support as many types as possible, but the biggest problem always comes from having enough resources to maintain the project, so past a certain project size, it will depend on the number of contributors.

Photoshop / AI use about as open a format as Microsoft WOrd, that is, it’s popular enough that people have done a lot of work to reverse engineer it, but they remain hostile and uncooperative to such efforts. Building PSD support into Krita was an absolute pain, and one that continues to rquire work to support more than the most rudimentary features.

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I would really appreciate to have some info about the development of this app.
From github I have the impression that the interest in this faded…

Thanks anyway for all your work!

The student had some mid-terms and will resume work on this soon.
V1.0 only looks at exif data and is a very basic app at the moment, but once we move it to Nextcloud it should be easier for more people to contribute.

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Thank you VERY MUCH for your fast reply!