Media Type Support in IOS App


I recently had to move from Android to iOS (not really my choice), and since then I am trying to hear podcasts on the way to work.
However this is not as easy as with Android since VLC is not able to find the podcast files that I downloaded via nextcloud app (available offline).
I tried to play the files within the nextcloud app itself, but since those are .ogg files it fails with “unsupported mediatype”. This suprised me since ogg vorbis is a pretty widespread open audio standard.
Also .mkv with h.264 encoding does not work either, since I encode all my videos that way to save some space this practically makes the app hard to use for viewing pictures and videos for me from within the app, since i have to send every video to VLC manually with context menu and then switch back afterwards.

So i would like to bring this up as a feature request to add ogg vorbis and .mkv with h.264 encoding support to the mobile clients (not sure if this applies to Android as well).



VLC does support ogg so sounds like you are having some difficulty accessing the folder location. Any nextcloud folders should be fully accessible from the phone’s file system and Apple Files app. Is nextcloud grayed when you attempt to select it?

You can file a feature request for ogg support at:

You can also ask their irc chat:

Hey @just, thanks for the reply and the useful links.

Exactly, VLC can play both of those filetypes, the underlying issue is that i can not access it or rather not index it with VLC. The files are there on the device as nextcloud offline storage, but there is no way to tell VLC to index the nextcloud storage, at least that i know of.
(I also wrote sth. in the github thread you kindly provided)
Thats why I wanted to play those files directly with the nextcloud app, which also does not work because those filetypes are not supported :confused:
Also i just found this Thread:
Seems like this specific Problem with nextcloud and vlc might sort itself, even though I do not know if VLC can just access the “online” part and needs constant connection to work or if it can access the offline storage …

Still i think it is a good idea to support those filetypes natively in the nextcloud app.

Seems this issue is relevant

I see. Seems this is your issue.

Hi @just, thanks for the links.

This may actually be an issue of mine, hearing a podcast of several hours (from nextcloud “open with” VLC) sometimes drops out which I did not quite understand before since it was available offline.
So this may fix my hacky workaround, but Media Type Support in the app itself would actually be real a solution.
The ideal solution would still be to get the offline storage indexable by VLC, but I am not sure if this is possible since there may be iOS restrictions in place. But i wrote sth. in the Thread I found ( and hope for the best :slight_smile: