MDM Support for nextcloud Client (iOS and MacOS)

Dear nextcloud-supporters,

as a governmental institution we are seeking for an opportunity to integrate Nextcloud Files into our MDM system (jamf school) and use our nextcloud storage as the central user home space for specific users on our mobile devices. As the users are mainly children between 7 and 12 years old sharing our iOS devices among different classes, we would love to see a smooth usage of the netxcloud client avoiding any manual login processes within the users session.

Therefore we would appreciate a guide on how to set up a MDM configuration (as XML-File) to preload the nextcloud client on all devices (iOS and Desktop macOS). This configuration should include the Nextcloud-server address as well as the %UserName and %Password given by variables within our MDM system.

Any chance?


Read this for iOS: Managed App Configuration · Issue #1408 · nextcloud/ios · GitHub

Thanks for your quick response and yeah: Great for iOS, we will give it a try.

What about this functionality on macOS clients? We are using Version 3.6.1 so far.

Maybe you can write an issue here. If you do not have a github account and you do not want to create one you can send me the issue with a PN. Then i can post it for you. Please read first the other issues and search the internet. Maybe other people send you a response in this thread. I do not use MacOS and iOS.