Md5sum of expects

Hello everybody, first time poster here so be gentle :wink:

after downloading and from I ran $USER@$HOST:/path/to/nc $ md5sum -c < as instructed by the server installation manual.

The output is:
md5sum: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden FEHLSCHLAG bei open oder read md5sum: WARNUNG: die aufgeführte Datei konnte nicht gelesen werden This roughly translates to … file or directory not found … FAILING on open or read … WARNING: the file could not be read

Doing the same with the and returns OK

@nickvergessen @jospoortvliet

Arg, I knew it wouldn’t be that simple…

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I changed the scripts and pinged lukas to update them on the server. Thanks for reporting this issue back!


Script has been updated and executed.

Just a suggestion - AFAIK MD5 isn’t to be viewed as a safe algorithm anymore. How about automatically computing and SHA256 for the release files?

We provide md5, sha256 and sha512 sums, pick whatever you want to verify it.