May 2024 releases: 29.0.1 / 28.0.6 / 27.1.0

Latest versions for Nextcloud 27, 28 and 29 were released last week and today :rocket:







Hi there, the official nextcloud docker doesn’t seem to have 29.0.1 even though I have been getting notifications that it has been released since last week. Could the docker images be updated? Thank you!

Are you talking about the all in one docker image or the community based image (I think it is just called Nextcloud)? The later takes one to two days to be deployed.

As NC 27 is eol next month, are you planning for a final release that 27.1.11 or 27.2.0 or will this be probably the last release for the 27 major route?


I’m talking about this docker image. I believe its the community based image, I was just wondering because 29.0.1 has already been released for more than a couple of days (according to the arch linux repository anyway). But if the build process is not coupled with upstream, I understand it can take a while.

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Yes, I am very aware of this page and it is the actual root cause of my uncertainty. NC 27 is marked as EOL on 2024-06. What does this mean? 2024-06-01 or 2024-06-30?

There is still a version scheduled for

27.1.11 (2024-06-30)

so that looks like end of June. You could say, then it is still up to date, and it expires when all the other versions get an update except for NC 27. If you really need longer support times, you can get this only through enterprise subscriptions.


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