Maximum number of participants in Talk Call


I was wondering, the GitHub-page for Spreed mentions six people as the maximum number of participants in a Talk Call. However Nextcloud Talk: Private communication, anywhere – Nextcloud mentions “Improved connectivity behind firewalls and restrictive networks and more participants in a call” for the enterprise package, without stating any number though. So it does not seem to be a general technical limitation. So, my question is, how many participants can I expect in a still working call, with voice and maybe one sharing his or her screen with and without the “Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend”


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I was looking info about that too.

On spreed github-page, scalability, says:

A typical Nextcloud Talk instance can handle a few dozen calls, but each call can have only 4-6 participants depending on the participants’ bandwidth.

So, if I my maths are right, 12 calls * 4-6 participants per call = 48-72 participants total…

More than enough for my personal use.


i think that’s too much by far…

don’t calculate with much more than like 5 ppl, i’d say

Official page says 6/10participants, not sure if this number is with video or without but they do mention up to 20 without video. With additional STUN/TURN server wondering if there will be a jump on performance. It looks like in official docs STUN/TURN is used mostly in order to facilitate connections behind firewalls and improve mostly the network bandwidth for upload and use less traffic. Also not sure how whole setup works as whole but I know that for video encoding/decoding of video there is a need for some CPU power.

Just to finish up I am wondering on few things:
1-Curious is someone here has tested 10/20 user setup with video on basic nextlcoud setup without STUN/TURN servers. That will be an awesome test if you have some test users :slight_smile:
2-Is there a way to limit total amount of users that join a chat/call on groups or something like that ? Asking because if there are 5users and if each makes his own chat and make that public and distribute it you can have 20guests for each x 5users =100 users which will most likely break your nextcloud :smiley: