Maximum number of files that the Windows client can handle?

Having a Dropbox of approximately 1.8 TB of total size with approx. 900,000 files, the Windows 10 Dropbox client cannot handle it anymore (it crashes with too much memory consumption). Their support also told me I have too many files to sync them all.

Now Iā€™m planning on switching to a (self-hosted) Nextcloud installation, together with the Windows 10 client of Nextcloud.

Currently I did not find any Nextcloud documentation or forum posting that gives me insights on whether my number of files is something that the Windows 10 client of Nextcloud can handle. Iā€™m estimating that the number of files may grow by ā‰ˆ50,000 per year.

My question:

Is there any (practical) limit on the number of files that the Windows 10 client of Nextcloud can handle?

The client itself can probably handle it but your server is going to have to be configured correctly for it.

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Thanks, my scenario is not having lots of files in one folder. Instead they usually are rather well distributed among several folders, like e.g.:

Photos / 2018
Photos / 2018 / 01

I do think, I will give it a try and see how the client behaves.