Maximum cloud storage sze

Hey guys!

I’m new to nextcloud and linux. So I’m sorry if I may ask dumb questions. I have a server with 2 HDDs in a RAID 1. after configuring most of my stuff I just noticed, that the script which created the RAID 1 on ubuntus installation created multiple partitions which seem to be mirrored fine. But now I’m afraid of the day nextcloud says me that I’ve reached the maximum storage size (limited to the partition size) and I’d like to know if it’s possible to see the complete capacity of my cloud (not the capacity of the users accounts) and how it’s possible to add more data directories on other partitions?

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If you want to spread data partitions over multiple devices, I would use LVM (can be combined with RAID). ZFS and btrfs can do this out of the box.

Total use of storage:
df -h (show mounted storage)
du --max-depth=1 -h /var/www/nextcloud/data (actual size of folders in data folder and their total size)

Thanks a lot! I’ll try that now! :slight_smile: