Max Free Nextcloud storage


which provider offers the most free Nextcloud storage? offers 8GB.

Thank you!

All free support contracts come and go as time goes on, because it is not sustainable. Have not see any providers offering more than what you’ve found, but also have noticed how such plans are discontinued frequently, with little warning.


Shadow Drive offers 20 GB free Nextcloud storage. Because they sell ShadowPC (e.g. gaming in the cloud) and big Nextcloud instances (2TB for only 4,99 euro a month) maybe the service is still available in several years. The disadvantage is perhaps that the free Shadow Drive actually only offers file functions. In addition, shares are only valid for a maximum of 7 days, probably to minimize download abuse.

Basically, you should always take care of your backup yourself with a free cloud storage or at most consider the cloud as another backup. Shadow hosts with OVH. A data center there burned down a few years ago. But data loss can happen anywhere.

this is great, thank you for the recommendations. I ll check it out.

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