Max File Upload under 10.0.1

Where does this Setting come from ?? "(maximal möglich 2GB)

It comes from the PHP settings. Specifically,


No i mean the yellow marked (max possible 2GB) ?

Either from php.ini or from PHP itself. 32-bit PHP supports only 2 GB.

Thanks a lot ! Thats the reason of course…

What’s the reason? 32-bit PHP? (The answer can help other users to fix the problem. ;-))

32-bit PHP on a 64-bit OS is often found in shared hosting environments. If this is the problem, one should ask the hosting provider for an upgrade of PHP.

Yepp, the 32bit PHP is the problem for the max upload of 2gb. I run my NC on a Synology NAS with DSM 6.0. There i cant change php to 64-bit ;(