Matterbridge nextcloud talk config

I’ve tried matterbridge to connect nextcloud talk to telegram on a current aio docker system. I did not get it running through the app as the config settings kept disappearing, I even tried to set them manually in /tmp/ which did partially work but this did not seem like a stable setting. I got matterbridge to work as a separate program on my server after dealing with an obfuscated error message due to wrong credentials (Zwei Talk-Instanzen mittels Talk Matterbridge verbinden - #5 by c-holtermann). The nextcloud talk config part I have a question about is

# The location of your Nextcloud instance with Talk installed
SeparateDisplayName = false
Server = "..."
PrefixMessagesWithNick = true
RemoteNickFormat="[{PROTOCOL}] -- <{NICK}> "
MessageFormat="HTMLNick :"

I’ve tried playing with the RemoteNickFormat. I did not see any username until I realized that it gets removed if SeparateDisplayName is set to true. I have set it to false and now I can see the names of the remote users. I wonder what this setting is good for. How and where would the remote user information be shown?

SeparateDisplayName = true

SeparateDisplayName = false