Matterbridge Installation/Setup

The issue you are facing:

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Steps to replicate it:

  1. Install Talk (15.0.6) and Matterbridge (1.26) apps on Nextcloud (25.0.2)
  2. Open conversation settings
  3. No Matterbridge settings to configure

Where would I see the Matterbridge settings after install? Do I need to set some general setting or edit the Matterbridge config or create a bot user?

Nevermind found it.

There are 3 different areas of talk settings:

  1. Channel settings - In talk tab, found by clicking “…” next to each channel
  2. Talk settings - In talk tab, found below channels button called “Talk Settings”
  3. Admin Talk settings - go to profile>administrative settings>scroll until you see “Talk”

Enable Matterbridge by going to #3 admin talk settings and click checkbox next to Enable Matterbridge

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hi, can you suggest me what to do next? I mean where I can setup different clients like discord telegram etc?