Matterbridge Closes After a Few Minutes

So I’ve been using Nextcloud Talk for some time now internally between my wife, kids and I. During the outage of Signal today that lasted literally the whole day, my brother (who also runs his own Nextcloud server) decided we’d use Matterbridge to connect with each other via Talk until Signal is back up.

I installed the Matterbridge app on my server, had him create a username for me on his server and got everything working. Messages were flowing back and forth just fine, then all of a sudden I notice he’s not responding to me, so I click the button to view the log of Matterbridge and see:

Fatal message poll error: room could not be found

I made no changes whatsoever since I knew the settings were right, I just clicked “Save”, and all of a sudden every message I had sent since it stopped all got sent with no problems. The thing is, I’m wondering why Matterbridge is randomly stopping and I have to hit “Save” on the settings to sort of kick it in the rear and get it going again.

Info about my server is as follows:

OS: Debian 10
Webserver: Apache
Nextcloud version: 20.0.5
Installation method: Manually via the zip file

Security scan gives me an A+ rating.

Server status: