Massive access problems

Our NextCloud instance is hosted at IONOS/1und1, known as known as a reliable Internet service provider. After installing Collabra server and office client it is not anymore stable. Especially, when we try to open an Office document, whether odt or docx, the connection is interrupted and further access is impossible. Often after minutes or hours, we can access the Cloud again. Or even worse, another user has access, until he tries to open such a document. but another has to reset his internet router.
Any idea what can be the reason? At the moment, I’m not able to have command line access via ssh to the NextCloud instance.
NextCloud on a virtual server:
CPU:8 vCore
Datenträger:320 GB SSD
Nextcloud Hub 7 (28.0.2)
Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server 23.5.705 e09a622
NextCloud Office 8.3.1.

Seems like a session issue. The build in code server is good for testing and really small setups But if you have a few users on it you should use a different way of running it.

I would suggest you first roll back to pre callagra install - if connection remains stable it would point to the collabra install and if not well…

Has your system had any changes recently like DNS/Host changes
Was an opened document compromised
Have you checked your logs


will deinstall and try

Where do I have to look for it?

Admin account
admin settngs
var/www/nextcloud/da ta/nextcloud log

This brings back a stable NextCloud. Thanks.

If you have the possibility of running collabora as docker or packaged this would be a better option.

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