Mass update Contact data, cannot send Group Email

I’m seeing an issue with trying to use the Send Mail and Send Mail as BCC options in Contacts. The problem seems to be related to having imported contacts that have an Email Type other than Home, Work, Other. If it says something else or is blank, and that person is in a Contacts Group, then it appears to throw out the entire batch of email addresses as it goes to open the Compose window for the intended Group.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Setup a Contacts Group in the Contacts App.
  2. Add Contacts that have an Empty Email Address Type for a valid email address, or Insert a Type other than Home, Work, or Other (not sure if there is a way to do this without an import).
  3. Try to send an email to the Group by using the Group’s Menu for Send Mail or Send Mail as BCC.
  4. A Mail compose window should open but the addresses from the Group list should not appear even if some had the proper Type listed.

Either I would need the exceptions added to the code to allow this transfer, or the ability to mass update the contact data (which of course is a nightmare because the data is in a Blob).