(mass) delete of contacts, how, if possible?


I’m currently developing a small perl script which reads contacts from a LibreOffice Calc file, and create VCARDs for them. To be uploaded (synched in a later step) to my nextcloud.

For testing: Is there any possibility do delete more than one contact in Nextcloud, e.g. select them by group, or multiple select in GUI somehow? Or maybe a command line / occ / API call?

Currently I’m “workarounding” this by importing my vcards into a dedicated nextcloud adressbook, which I can delete and recreate. But finally I need all contacts merged into an existing addressbook, and if real sync will be to hard to implement, it would be cool to be able just to delete and re-import the contacts

Any hints would be great!


In Nextcloud: create a new addressbook and delete the old one.
If necessary rename the new addressbook to the name of the old one.

What about mounting an existing address book using davfs2 on the console, change to the mounted directory and delete all files using the rm command?!

Thanks, but that’s (separate addressbook) like I wrote not the solution I’m searching for. Need all contacts in single addressbook, and that’s why an easy way to delete multiple contacts at once.

The single adressbook requirement is unfortunately a restriction from in my case my German Fritzbox router. They’re now able to deal with cardDAV, but only one adressbook.

You should study the Fritzbox documentation again, because you can definitely configure multiple CardDAV address books in parallel.

Thanks, nice idea, in general!
I wasn’t aware that cardDAV could be mounted like a usual webdav share.

But unfortunately not really usable: Contacts are shown as .vcf files, name based probably on their UID. Which makes it not that easy to delete e.g the wanted 30-50 contacts out of 300+ contacts, altogether :slight_smile:

Ok, I should be more precisely :slight_smile:

Yes, Fritzboxes could for long deal with more than one “phonebook”, and yes, now they can also deal with more than one cardDAV “phonebook”.

BUT as a confirmed restriction (opened a ticket at AVM for that a while ago), Fritzboxes are ONLY able to assign a SINGLE “phonebook” to a DECT device (“Schnurlostelefon”).

Making it unfortunately useless to spead needed contacts over several “phonebooks”. If you want/need them all, the have to be in a single “phonebook”, independent if cardDAV or other type.

It’s a pity, you can specify in Fritzbox cardDAV URL used for Nextcloud as
so only the base webDAV url. Fritzbox extends with /addressbooks/users/<user>.
But having done this, Fritzbox only takes the based on search order first addressbook found for synching.

Got a “works as designed” response from AVM, url has to be specified as

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Should be of course
instead of


The url layout depends on how you’ve installed your Nextcloud, so at the end both urls are possible.

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