Markdown Toolbar in Nextcloud Notes?

Hello guys,
how can i get this cool markdown toolbar in the regular nextcloud notes app?


Is this somehow possible? Im always confused about this.


Hello :wave:,

the Notes app plans to switch to Nextcloud Text as editor in the future. Nextcloud Text provides such a toolbar. You can already use it if you open your note files from outside of the Notes app but from within the Files app.

There is also an issue for a context based formatting popover similar to the Notes Android app which allows us both, having the cake and eat it - having a toolbar and not loosing the distraction freeness.

Both issues are waiting for an implementation, a few issues have to be cleared up first regarding Nextcloud Text, but i am sure the maintainer will be happy to review a Pull Request :rocket: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi there,
good news. So im gonna wait and hope for Nextcloud Text as default editor in notes.

it would be really appreciated by me and my colleagues who really love the text editor and don’t understand why the notes app isn´t that handy as it is when editing outside of it.