Markdown syntax highlighting


I am working a lot with markup languages. Markdown is most used here.

I like the distraction free work, just keeping my hands on the keyboard. No mouse, no buttons etc. Files are just text and easy to save, share etc.

What I do not like on the current markdown editor of NC is, that he waste most of this power. I do not need to split the screen to see the result or jump there and back.

I would prefer to have a syntax highlighting already in the text. When I write bold, I would like to see the ‘bold’ in more fat letters, for kursiv the same etc.

The markdown editor of notes has this function. The markdown pad make it even more readable.

Some ideas to get this features into my whole NC platform?

No idea what you are talking about. NC is shipped with Nextcloud Text as default markdown editor. Also there is the thrid party Notes app.
Both are wysiwyg - no split view. Once upon a time there used to be a split-view editor around, but that is years ago…

So: Without any version information and which app you actually are using, it’s hard to help you.

Hello Stefan,

thanks for your feedback.

I am talking about GitHub - icewind1991/files_markdown: Nextcloud markdown editor

My mistake was, that I immediately installed this app and didn’t realize, that NC Text has already a (better) Markdown support.

So, this is already a pleasant step forward.


Not really. You can only use Markdown (e.g. with mouse) and not edit the text file directly with markdown commands. But there are issues. Nextcloud Text is a mardown editor and not a text editor.

Two years and only a markdown and not text editor in Nextcloud.
I also want edit text files and edit direct markdown language.
But i can use it as markdown etherpad :wink: Nice.
For accessing markdown code i must download it. Bad.

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This is not true. Typing # Headline will remove the visible # character but marks the Headline as an actual headline → You can use Markdown with markdown commands.

This is true. Nextcloud Text works on a pretty high level and a side effect from parsing the markdown while reading it and writing the file back can cause side effects like * List item being replaced with - List item.

The correct issue for this is Markdown files from external editors lose formatting on save · Issue #593 · nextcloud/text · GitHub

Please don’t speak for everyone - especially non-advanced users will prefer to not see the actual punctuation when editing a file. I have the same opinion as you in this regards, but the Notes app as an alternative has the desired behavior and the maintainer made clear that

this is a show-stopper

for switching to Text in the future. Therefore i think it is safe to assume that the Notes app will keep the punctuation visible also in the future.

So in the end it depends on the use case and expectations of the user which tool is sufficient to achieve the goal - There are available alternatives for high level (Text), with punctuation (Notes), with split view (the already mentioned Markdown editor).

In the end you know how it works on FOSS software @devnull - you already mentioned the issues, if there is not solution which is sufficient for you, you can contribute and bring things on the road :rocket: , pay someone to do that if the pain is high enough :heavy_dollar_sign: or use alternatives :wink:


Thanks for your feedback,

while I was testing the Text-App, the App was switching back from the formatted Text to the original Markdown-Version via backspace.

When I reopen the file, this option is not possible anymore.

For working with such an documtent it is really a show stopper as you can use markdown just for the first formatting.

The question is how and not to break up the whole ecosystem. It is really smooth, just to double click on the *.md document and the editor is opening. So it would be cool, just to tweak this one instead of having a second one.

I must admit, I was wrong.

After using NC markdown editor, I see, that it has an syntax highlighting feature too.

It is just not that obvious as the NC Text app.

As I understand the md-editor relay on the plain text editor. So styling must be done there.

So I will continue trying the stuff out…

Thanks to all for helping me with my progress in NC!