Markdown in Collective not available

Markdown App and Collective App are active, but we are not able to write markdown in the pages of collective.

Hi @Alexander_Probst

Here a few points to consider if you want to use the Markdown app:

  1. The default Text app of Nextcloud does accept Markdown syntax, so you may use just that instead of the Markdown app. However it doesn’t have a plain text view, which might be a reason to use the Markdown app.

  2. The Markdown App requires the Plain text etitor to be installed in order to work.

  3. Read here how to use the Markdown App: GitHub - icewind1991/files_markdown: Nextcloud markdown editor

  4. Collectives requires the default Nextcloud Text app to be installed in order to work, which means SCENARIO TWO is not possible.

  5. There is no way to open the Markdown app directly from within the Collectives app, so if you want to use the Markdown app to edit Collectives pages, you need to open them directly from the Files app, via the three-dot dropdown menu (SCENARIO ONE)

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Here are the related issues from the GIthub Tracker, which come down to Prosemirror (which is where the lack of markdown support is the issue)

See workarounds above from @bb77. Understandable that it is frustrating. :heart:

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