Markdown files get downloaded, no online editing any more?

I upgraded to 18.03. Now markdown files get downloaded instead of opened
directly in the browser.

This worked before the update. Before I could edit the files with chrome.

Do I need to enable a plugin?

The Text app is now part of the Nextcloud base apps and allows to edit markdown files:

Hey guys,

I just wanted to know, if the new rich text editor is capable to use tables somehow…
well, to be honest, it doesn’t! But is there a way to make it to do so? There are some more features, I am currently missing, with that editor, just like linking, preview window and so on. Currently the only solutions to properly work with MarkDown files seems to be to disable that editor. Which causes some more problems, because now none of the clear text files can be edited via WebInterface … so choose one of the deseases: “Pest” or “Cholera” …

Very strange. I did not change anything on the server, and not on the client.

Today I can edit markdown files directly in chrome again.

Reason not known, but easy solved.

Nevertheless j-ed, thank you for your support.

Hi BorneBjoern,

maybe start a new and own question, since your text is not an answer to the original question?