Markdown docs: internal links and footnotes

Hi all.

Am I doing them wrong?

Internal Links

…within a document (e.g. for a Table of Contents). The example uses them, but I can’t get them to work(?)

- [Apple](#apple)
- [Banana](#banana)
- [The Others](#the-others)


# See example; doesn't seem to work:
<h2 id="apple">Apple</h2>

# Also doesn't work:
## Banana {#banana}


# Doesn't work:
Some text[^1]

[^1]: This is a footnote about some text

Not supported? …Or user error?

Any help gratefully received; thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Nextcloud 23.0.3
Markdown editor 2.3.6
Plain text editor 2.14.0

(Great app, BTW. I particularly like the fact it supports YAML frontmatter and Mermaid).

I tried tables, but there is nothing more than you can select from the menu.
So MarkDown is still on a low / early level of implementation.