Markdown: Can't escape code block?

I’m still on Nextcloud 22, but as far back as I can remember, the Markdown editor in Nextcloud will not let me escape a code block. I’ve had the same issue on numerous installs on different machines, so it’s certainly not me.

Has this been fixed in any newer version?

I don’t have NC22 handy but I’m pretty sure this worked back then as well.

at least with NC24 it’s easy to insert code fragment using backtick or multiline code with 3 backticks before and after the code. In NC 24 entering 3 backticks already creates a “code windows” so you can enter uninterpreted code in the gray area…


Google is your frend, the very first result is:

Unfortunately they did not include my desired feature to switch directly from Markdown to Markdown content (text,ASCII).

this is definitely good choice for a pro… but I think existing markdown editor is good enough for lot of use-cases… and definitely there is lot of room to improve!