MariaDB full of errors, SQLite lightning fast without issues

TL;DR - Using MariaDB as the database results in a slow, error-ridden setup. 504 timeouts, random file locks for no reason, unknown errors when uploaded files, downloads just stopping after several seconds, log files full of random mess. But, running with SQLite and it’s all lightning fast, without any errors!

I already have a happy Nextcloud instance running via NextcloudPi in a VM. No issues at all.
I’ve also got several Docker containers for other services running within OpenMediaVault without a hitch.

I felt it was about time to spin up a Nextcloud container and move all my files into that, retiring the VM.

I tested my setup with SQLite first to make sure it’s all OK. No issues at all.
I then re-did the lot but choosing the MariaDB container as the database source. Install went fine, but good grief, nothing but errors everywhere. It’s like it can’t keep up.

From other sites and forums I’m under the impression that MariaDB is the way to go. What am I missing here? I’m using the LinuxServer images for both without any funky special config changes - just out-the-box.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Before I crack on with the SQLite setup (because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?) I’m interested in other’s insights.

No problems with MariaDB. Maybe you should show us some of the random mess…

Once I get around to starting fresh again I’ll upload some of the errors. The file locks and 504 timeouts were definitely the most common.