[MariaDB][4-byte support] Migration dramatically reduced database size


I just successfully upgraded my mariadb 10.1 database (+ nextcloud 12) for 4-byte character support according to: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/12/admin_manual/configuration_database/mysql_4byte_support.html

File format needed to be changed to barracuda as expected, altering the tables worked fine, as well as adding the setting to config.php and occ maintenance:repair. So :+1: for admin manual about this!

Afterwards I just recognized that my database size was reduced from ~265 MB to ~123 MB. I am wondering what exactly is the reason for this. Does barracuda just provide that less database sizes or was it some cleanup included into occ maintenance:repair?
After the database table update the following steps show up:

- Change collation for oc_federated_reshares …
- Change row format for oc_polls_dts …
- Change collation for oc_polls_dts …

  • Repair mime types
  • Clean tags and favorites
    • 0 tags of deleted users have been removed.
    • 0 tags for delete files have been removed.
    • 0 tag entries for deleted tags have been removed.
    • 0 tags with no entries have been removed.
  • Repair invalid shares
  • Remove shares of a users root folder
  • Move .step file of updater to backup location
  • Add move avatar background job
    • Repair step already executed
  • Add preview cleanup background jobs
  • Fix potential broken mount points
    • No mounts updated
  • Repair language codes
  • Install new core bundle components
  • Repair invalid paths in file cache
  • Rename folder with user specific keys

I mean I am totally happy with this. I am just wondering if, whatever lead to this, could be added as sort of tweak hint or cron background job or something :slight_smile:.

@MorrisJobke @bjoern any advice?