Maps only shows a small subset of my contacts

I have 256 contacts in my Contacts app, most of whom have an address. However Maps only finds 28 of them, and I cannot work out what is different about the ones it finds and the ones it doesn’t. It detects all the Groups I have created in Contacts, but, again, it fails to find all the contacts within each Group.

I am running Nextcloud 18.0.4 on a paid-for server that also hosts my e-mail account.

You can enable and disable which contacts are being displayed, if you click on the group name. An enabled group is usually recognized by the total number of contacts behind its name. On the screenshot e.g. you can see that contacts of the group “Privat” are currently not displayed on the map.


Thank you, but that is not the problem I am describing.

In your screenshot, you have 444 contacts listed under ‘Ihre Kontact’. I assume you also have a total of 444 contacts in your Contacts app? Similarly, ‘Anrufliste’ contains 38 contacts, and again, I assume that is the same in your Contacts app.

In my case, both the total (All Contacts) and each group only contain a subset of the totals in the Contacts app. In other words, Maps is failing to read all the contacts.

Have you identified a contact which isn’t shown on the map and can you post the vcf record of it?

Here is an example,

[photo data removed]
LABEL;TYPE=HOME;VALUE=TEXT:Hillingdon, Maudlin Lane, Bramber\nSteyning,
WestSussex BN443PR
FN:Bob Williams
ADR;TYPE=home:;Maudlin Lane, Bramber;Hillingdon;Steyning;West Sussex;BN44

Ok, that makes sense. The British address format is different from the one, mostly used in Europe or Germany. Most likely Openstreet Map has problems to find the location. The following two issues are describing similar problems:

I did some tests by entering the address data directly into the search bar of the map and
this one doesn’t show-up on the map …

Hillingdon, Maudlin Lane, Bramber Steyning, WestSussex BN443PR

… but this one was found. I don’t know what “Hilligdon” is, a suburb?

Maudlin Lane, Bramber, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3PR

It might be worse to open a new issue ticket here to get this problem addresses and maybe fixed in the future.

Many thanks for your help. It’s started me on another journey, getting to know github! I’ll familiarise myself with that first, and then open a new issue ticket, as you suggest.

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