Maps module for Nextcloud

I use Owncloud to replace Gapps (Drive, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks/Keep) but for now I still use Gmaps because there is no open source alternative. I know there a maps module for Owncloud but has never been stable.

Is it possible that Nextcloud includes a maps module integrated with Contacts and Calendar?


If there will be a maps module it will most probably be based on the existing owncloud app.

I think integrating maps would bloat the server application. I don’t know what the owncloud app does but why do you need a map module on your private server? I mean you could store data in your own cloud like movement profiles but the maps itself is imho not really useful.

@r0uzic - Do you want a map server or client?
For a server, it might be tough to store map data locally, but could be useful to provide a private map layer to other apps.
I’m not really in favour of a map client, from my point of view it’s best to offer a map within apps.

I think the request is anout showing a map within the contact details with the address of the person

aah that sound quite different but it make sense! For that purpose we could use

Yes, like a lot of Nextcloud apps it will just use the Nextcloud Maps app which was developed by community people. Everyone is welcome to join development, design and testing to make it more stable! :slight_smile:

Some use-cases:

  • store GPX tracks from travels (like you said)
  • save favorites
  • search places without being tracked
  • showing your pictures with GPS data on the map!
  • showing your contacts on the map
  • showing your upcoming events on the map
  • lots more

In short: Provide an alternative to Google Maps! :slight_smile:


Yes but as I mentioned, all examples are just saving personal data using nextcloud. You can provide some features in Nextcloud apps which are showing data on a map like But imho there are several alternatives to Google Maps.

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I want a maps client for save locations and shows address’s contacts or events.

It’s just like Jan said. In short: i want my own Google Maps Alternative. It should be based on OpenStreetMap and i want to see my own personal Data as Overlays.

I think “Poi Pocket is a great example. I want something like this but for Nextcloud! Poi Pocket has a mobile App too, so you can send a location to other Geo-Apps like Google-Maps, Maps.ME and so on.

I’m not able to make a Nextcloud-App server-side app. Neither a complete Android App yet, but for this I’d like to help out in programming and testing etc.

It looks like the development of this app somehow stalled - which is a pity. I think the maps module would bring together so many of the already nice features of Nextcloud and provide a similar “integrated feeling” as currently delivered e.g. by Google Maps.

Is there any way we could help this getting up to speed again?

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Is there any way we could help this getting up to speed again?

Maps development was restarted by @eneiluj and he did some awesome work. The Maps app is now almost completely working again:


Oh wow, this is indeed great news! I’m very much looking forward to testing it and giving feedback! Thanks for the notification!

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Update: the Maps app has just recently been released! :tada:

If you like it, leave a nice review on the app store, and if you find issues or have suggestions – or even want to contribute – please join us at

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for working on this cool app. Looking forward to see how it will develop in the coming versions. Definitely very promising as is already.

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