Maps application only providing directions in Kilometers instead of Miles

I am using the maps application with graphopper. I used to be able to get directions in miles but now the app seems to only provide direction in KM. I checked the locale and find it is set correctly. Also uninstalled and reinstalled the applications. Looking for ideas on how to troubleshoot/resolve

They say the maps app is using imperial for en_US:

Does this work for you, or are you not in the US and in another country that uses imperial (Liberia or Myanmar), not sure if these locales have been adjusted as well.

I tried the other Locale settings you mentioned but the maps app is still rendering directions in the map application in metric . I am using the AIO version of nextcloud so maybe the location of script.js is different. I did a find and found several instances of it. I looked through some of them but didn’t find reference to locale. Not sure how to troubleshoot further. At this point if I cannot make this work the app will be of little use to me

I just found this in the code:

export const getShouldMapUseImperial = () => {
	const locale = OC.getLocale()

	return (
		locale === 'en_US'
    || locale === 'en_GB'
    || locale === 'en_AU'
    || locale === 'en_IE'
    || locale === 'en_NZ'
    || locale === 'en_CA'

I don’t see where this reference is used to do the actual conversion. Perhaps in some 3rd-party import?
In such a case, I think it is best to check with the developers.