Maps and Contacts to integrate with Garmin gps

Many of my contacts (contacts app) have addresses. Some of these aren’t really human contacts but places to go hiking. They come up nicely on my maps app as well and I see navigation co-ordinates can be accessed also (lat and long) for these addresses. How to get this data easily into a gpx file as waypoints? That way it can be imported into my Garmin gps. I understand the gpx format is quite simple so perhaps I could create a file from info already in my Nextcloud database? Trouble is I don’t begin to understand the table structure for maps and contacts. Any suggestions? There may be a much easier way to do what I want?

Yes, the gpx format for waypoints is very easy. Also it is very easy to create from CSV (including lat, lon and name) a gpx file. Very cool whould be an direct export function in Maps and/or Contacts to a gpx-file. But i think today not enough people use gpx e.g. on Garmin. Maybe you can search and/or create an issue here or here.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="">
<wpt lat="51.500833" lon="-0.124444">
<name>London Big Ben</name>

Thanks. This confirms what I thought. One question for me is this. In maps I can select a position, right click and share that position (it copies to clipboard in lat/long form). However, the ‘location’ property in contacts is in another form. Once i have created a contact with a street address, it would be good if this could be matched with a lat/long position/location. I suspect this data could be extracted from the nextcloud mysql database but to create a suitable ‘search’ string would be difficult without an good knowledge of how all the tables are structured. With this information I can see it would be easy to create some code to make a simple .gpx file that just contained waypoints.