Maps 0.1.5 does not show GPS position of photos?

After running occ maps:scan-photos not a single photo is displayed on the map.

Fresh installation of NC 18.0.1 on Ubuntu 18.04

What is missing?

same issue here

Also having the same issue. I confirmed that the geo data is embedded in the photo and ran the occ scan, no results are displayed on the map. Ideas, anyone?

You should update to 0.1.6:

Same issue here. Photos with GPS coordinates embedded in EXIF data do not show up on the map. I first tried just waiting a while, then I manually ran maps:scan-photos. Neither seemed to have any effect. Iā€™m using nextcloud/maps 0.1.6.

Possibly related:

Aha, /settings/admin reported a problem with background jobs. I manually ran /var/www/html/cron.php and now the photos show up on the map.

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