Mapping Super Administrators role to different groups

There are docs for “Granting administrator privileges to a user”

They say:

Super Administrators have full rights on your Nextcloud server, and can access and modify all settings. To assign the Super Administrators role to a user, simply add them to the admin group.

I’m using SAML integration and I’ve configured nextcloud to use groups attribute mapping. This means that a user who signs in via SAML has their groups set equal to whatever the SAML payload says.

I want admins to authenticate via SAML, but I don’t want to have to create a group called “admin” in my identity provider and send that group to nextcloud.

I really would like to be able to have a group like “nextcloudadmin” or “storageadmin” in my identity provider, and if a user is a member of this group, they get super adminitrator privileges in nextcloud.

Any chance you found a solution to this testing a new setup using o365 SAML2 and ran into this same issue. Groups show up as a UUID instead of name, which is annoying enough, and not being able to assign an admin since groups get overwritten at next login is kind of a deal breaker.