Many problems with this apps

Hi !
I have seen social is alive again with nextcloud hub 19 compatible release and i have try it.
But i have many problems with it.
I have this message : “.well-known/webfinger isn’t properly set up!” In my admin section.
I have try to modify .htaccess file like advice in other thread with global address but it don’t work. (
RewriteRule ^.well-known/webfinger https://%{SERVER_NAME}/public.php?service=webfinger [QSA,L]
I had the same problem with caldav and carddav and i found solution in adding “Redirect 301 …” line in my apache configuration. I don’t know which syntaxe to use to had with the same way with webfinger redirection.
But why my htaccess don’t work ??

Second problem,
“occ config:app:get social install” give me an empty address for social. I dont know why.
And “occ config:app:get social address” give me my domain name whereas my nextcloud installation is in subdirectory with its name at the end of my domain name to join my server.

Third problem,
I saw social is now fediverse compatible. I would rather to connect on my server with fediverse android apps (fedilab app for example). Is it possible ?

Sorry for my bad english.
Thank you if someone can help me.

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I found a solution for message ".well-known/webfinger isn’t properly set up!”
I added “Redirect 301 …” line for webfinger in the apache conf file like carddav and caldav.
I tried to wipe social app and after that, I have an empty social adress again and I can’t connect with fedilab android app to my server.
additionnaly, I can’t follow nextcloud on