Manually updating nextcloud to version 22 using NextcloudPi?

Hello Friends,
I installed NextCloud with the NextCloudPi curl command on a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB running Raspberry Pi OS 64bit.
In the NextCloudPi web panel I saw that it’s possible to manually update nc-update-nextcloud to version 22.
Is there a known reasons why it would not be advisable to manually update Nextcloud to the latest version using this method?
Is it better to wait till the NextCloudPi team officially adds support for Nextcloud 22 to the curl installer?
Thank you for your thoughts :pray:

It hasn’t been tested by us so you are free to try it out, but you might need to make manual adjustments and fix things that might break.

I always recommend in general to wait

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If you want to try it out you must always update Nextcloud version to version. Note doing this is not encouraged or yet tested, so you will be on your own. Please do report issues and expect to require backups & their recovery if the process fails.

This means:

  • Update to current version 21
  • Update to current version 22

Absolutely! :+1: Wait until 22 is tested and supported by the project upgrade cycle.

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Thank you very much to both of you :pray:
Is there an average “wait time” for new Nextcloud versions to be tested before they are integrated into NextCloudPi?

No schedule. Usually updates every few point releases, eg. 20.0.2 → 20.05
v21 is still in progress, in no short part because it introduced breakage in apps that took quite a while to be addressed.

Worth jumping on the appstore and sorting by latest to make check that any apps you depend on are already compatible with the latest release of whatever version number is newest.

  • Notice the Tasks, Radio and Forms app are not yet compatible. This could be easy as a forced enable after update, or could involve filing issues on the project repo and waiting a while. If you find anything please add to this wiki list…

Many Thanks, @just
Your explanation and the links were very helpful :pray: :pray: :pray: