Manually updating NC15 beta to RC2

How can I manually update NextCloud 15 beta to RC2?

Running sudo -u www php updater.phar in shell gets me nowhere.

BSD based iocage

What PHP version do you have installed?

php -v

Version 7.2.10 (CLI)

try something else. In the updater directory:

su www
php updater.phar

Does this make any difference?

[root@nextcloud /usr/local/www/apache24/data/nextcloud/updater]# su www php updater.phar This account is currently not available.

Excuse me, that is ok. The www user has no shell, so this last approach will not work. My fault. At the moment, I must give up. Also it’s getting late. When I get another idea I will give you a message.

That’s correct.

Thank you for your time! I appreciate the effort!

What is output of this command:

awk -F":" ‘{print $1}’ /etc/passwd

I found in this howto that there might be a problem with the updater and *BSD, at least from the web interface. Also note the difference on the su/sudo usage:


I got my hands on a FreeBSD system, you can do it like this:

cd /usr/local/www/apache24/data/nextcloud
su -m www -c 'php updater/updater.phar'

In case the output is empty, you probably have to install the phar-packages. Check the php version used (php -v) and install the package according to the version, in case of php 7.2 this is:

pkg install php72-phar

To make sure really everything is upgraded and the maintenance mode is off, I need to run these afterwards:

su -m www -c 'php occ upgrade'
su -m www -c 'php occ maintenance:mode --off'

Thank you!