Manually Installing App Through FileZilla

Hi all.

I’ve been trying to install the app “extract”, and I downloaded a “.tar.gz” file, but I’m stuck now. I am able to connect to my server through FileZilla to add files into the server. I think my solution would be where to put this file.

Thank you!

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hey and welcome to the forum.

thanks for your very first contribution :slight_smile:

after that having been said: why don’t you just use the built-in appstore? it seems to be way easier.
but if you wanna kee to your stategy find out the exact path to nextcloud/apps and unpack your tar.gz-files there (maybe into a subdirectory)… then they should be ready to enable via built-in appstore. or maybe via commandline using occ (check manual for exact usage)

good luck

Hi Jimmy Kater, thank you for the welcome.

Where would my subfolder be exactly? (for nextcloud/apps) I installed the application through snap, so maybe that’s a lead?

darn… i dunno anything about snap… i am really sorry.

but the built-in appstore should work for you as well… or did you buy a ready-to-run instance with a sharehoster, perhaps?

Woah, that’s weird. So I was just about to tell you that my every page on my app store was blank and that I couldn’t access it, but the pages are there now. I didn’t do anything to fix it, it just appeared.

So, solution is nothing, I guess, cause it solved itself.

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