Manual Upgrade from v17


I need to upgrade (manually, of course) from v17 to the latest supported community version of Nextcloud on RPi3. I read the general information at but I would like to know if there are documents that will make this long neglected (on my part) journey easier for me. Thanks.

Kind regards.

P.S. Never had any issue with Nextcloud operations and therefore forgot that it was quietly doing its NAS duties so efficiently.

It is not that complicated, the short version is:

  • delete old code (keep data and config folder)
  • unpack new code
  • fix permissions
  • run occ upgrade
  • I’d login, check through the apps, go on the admin page, some tips changed, e.g. new database indexes

The backup you can do once at v17. Keep an eye on the supported php versions.
You need to go through all major versions:
v17 → latest v17 → latest 18 → latest 19 → latest20 → latest21