Manual update to upgrade to Nextcloud 28

Hello, my current version is 27.1.5. I still haven’t received the new update 28 through the web interface, is there a way I can upgrade manually?
Ubuntu 22.04
PHP 8.2
Apache web server
no docker

Sure. See here: Upgrade manually — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Hello, the linked procedure is for self-hosted installation, is there a procedure for web hosted installations ? Thank you.

Hello, I have recently been informed how this forum does not provide support for web hosted installations, so sorry to have bothered you all and farewell.

What do you mean by “web hosted installation”? If you’re talking about shared hosting, the manual process is still applicable.

If you’re talking about “managed hosting” then that’s a different matter.

Did you do the initial Nextcloud Server installation yourself?

Yes, I’m talking about a shared hosting (Aruba) and I have done the Nextcloud Server installation my self. For reasons that I cannot understand I could update from 25.0.12 to 25.0.13 but I’m not offered to update to 26 even if PHP and the database are updated (8.2 and 8.0 respectively).

So I’m wondering if there is a procedure for manual update that does not include occ commands because I cannot run them being a shared hosting. I would appreciate some help even if I have just been told by a moderator that shared hosting are not supported in this forum.

In any case thank you.

this tells you what ?

sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade

br NP
sometimes uptdates only work here with occ


Shared hosting generally does support occ commands.

Does your hosting provider provide SSH access? Can you check their knowledge base or ask them? It sometimes needs to be turned on in a control panel for your account/etc.

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