Managed Hosting


is there a german provider that offers a working packages for managed hosting?
Domainfactory has no OPcache.
1und1 has limited space and files even in the unlimeted edition

Regards Walter

I´m in the internet since 1995 and had never heard of uberspace.
Shame on me

Uberspace is ok for my privat Website
but for my project i need more than 10 GB

Thanks Walter

Hi @Funkstille

Here you find an official list from Nextcloud.

Maybe you find the best provider for you.

Cheers, Flavio

I`ve tried the cheapest - bad idea

That´s what i wanted to avoid.

Regards Walter

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Have you looked at our offers?


we change to an other company in the meantime, they offer a professional support (on their website)
Now i found a review that tells me, they a nearly as bad as the first one.

@ [JABAHOSTING] I will carry you in my mind

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