Malformed server configuration error Android App | Cloudflare | Unraid

Im using Cloudflare to tunnel into Nextcloud, via portainer in Unraid, Everything works great on chrome on both desktop and android phone.

Note: on chrome mobile android URL bar does not show ‘Dangerous’

Nextcloud version _ 27.0.0
Operating system and version _Unraid 6.12.0
Apache or nginx version ??
PHP version _??
The issue you are facing: Cant login to Nextcloud app, Malformed server configuration error

Cloudflare service is set to HTTP on public host, HTTPS will not work

Desktop Chrome shows ‘Dangerous’ error

My first thought is that this error is caused by certificate / no HTTPS
So I tried the following:

  1. Adding ‘overwriteprotocol’ => ‘https’, and changing cli line to https in config file (has no change)
  2. changing cloudflare to https service (failed)

I could get by using Nextcloud with browser, but though I’d ask here in case their is an easy solution.