Malformed server config 3

android app getting malformed server
desktop browser is getting unknown error
when i upload anything
installed nextcloud, for the last 6 months not one aspect of it functioned correctly, neevr worked right, nothing but issues and issues and more issues, zero support or help.

nextcloud was probably the biggest regret of my life. I have no idea how any one could possibly be using this, it just simply does not work, ever, literally

Speaking of “biggest regret of your life”… What happend to your Ubiquiti gear?

And Adobe products, don’t seem to be your thing either.

I know this is a bold theory, but is it possible that the products you are using, aren’t actually the cause of the issues you are having with them? :wink:

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There is something seriously wrong with you. Spend more time stalking me than actually helping me.

Nothing works

Every company is a scam and we live in a world where not one single thing works

There is no support for anything

Sorry but you are the one that is spamming the forums with your rants and oneliners. What you are doing doesn’t help anyone, and least of all yourself. But don’t worry, I will ignore your posts from now on…

You have been for almost a year ignoring my posts

I tried multiple times to help you and so did others. In another thread @rakekniven asked you to provide more information. Instead of following up, you opend a new thread with exactly the same meaningless content.

This is not a customer service desk of a department store chain. And quite honestly, the people who work there don’t deserve to be buggeled like this either. And if they help you out and smile at you while doing it, they’re not doing it because they like you, they’re doing it because it’s their job.

In this forum, however, people invest their free time to help others voluntarily and to the best of their ability. And if you do decide to ask a little nicer and provide the details they ask you for, I’m sure someone will try to help you. There’s no guarantees though. If you want “guaranteed” help, sign a support contract with Nextcloud or hire a third party company to install and mainatain it for you.


Well that is a lie. Can you prove you tried to help? I can prove otherwise.

Even in this thread I am trying to help you… You just don’t realize it.

How? I just looked through every thread, all you do is complain about me and the way I write, even in this thread? I have had nothing but grievances since I joined. Look at my very very first post, ask a simple question looked at what happened, now look at all the rest. There is something not right with this community, zero help zero support. That is all it is, nothing more. This is like high school all over, because i am not a cool kid or apart of your click, just disregard me but pretend you are a savior somehow

Hey @Adramelramalech

I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Nextcloud installation and I can imagine that this is frustrating, because it would frustrate everyone if something is not working the way they want it to.

It is important to add informations about your installation and configuration to your questions, because the community or the Nextcloud staff does not track any installation and wouldn’t know how you installed or configured your Nextcloud.

Most of the times the problem is just a simple change in the configuration, or an update of a server (Apache, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB) component. But to support everyone properly, we need to know more information about your setup.

To give the community a bit more insight into the problem, so that we can make ourselves a picture of your installation and configuration, in order to be fully able to help you, please could you provide us with the following information?

  1. Dedicated Server or Webhosting?
  2. If it’s a Dedicated Server, what operating system is it running?
  3. What webserver are you running? (Apache or Nginx)
  4. What PHP version are you using?
  5. What version of Nextcloud have you installed last?

If you have full access to the server / webhosting, please could you copy the content of your /nextcloud_install_folder/config/config.php from Nextcloud in here? (For your own safety, please remove any IP/URL/Passwords before posting the config file)

Please could you also check the error_log file of your webserver and post its content?

The error_log file can usually be found under /var/log/apache... or /var/log/nginx...

If you are getting error messages while accessing Nextcloud in the browser or in any app, please take screenshots of these error messages and post them in here too.

The above information will give us a massive insight of your server / installation and we may already be able to help you to get your Nextcloud working properly again.

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No. It’s because you are not providing any information about your setup. How are we supposed to help you like that…?


It does not work at all

You spend all this time harassing me, trolling me, stalking me but yet ever stop and think maybe I have no f u c k i n g clue at all how to provide such information?

Do you own a server or are you using a webhosting provider?

Did you follow a guide or documentation on the internet to install Nextcloud? If you used one of these, please could you provide us with the URL?

What happens when you visit your Nextcloud domain? Are you seeing errors?

Please don’t understand it wrong, we all are doing this without payment because this Forum is community driven.

I’m sure no one is trying to harass you. If you have no clue how to provide the information, you can always ask and anyone would be happy to show you the steps on how to get the requested information.

As I said, I can imagine that it is frustrating seeing it not working but the community can only help, when they know what you have done in detail.