Making it possible to invite friends & family (but not the whole world) to create an account

I know that in the admin panel I can create a new user account with a login and password and optionally an email address.

I’d like to request a new ‘feature’ where you, in the admin panel, have a way to invite users to create an account at your instance. I imagine that you fill in their full name, email address (in future this could even be linked to the contacts app) and the groups they should belong to, and that Nextcloud send them an email invite with a personal URL where users can choose their username + password.

That way they can pick their own username and password, hopefully increasing the chance they’ll remember it (in other words: more admin-friendly).

This would be a great benefit compared to the unofficial ‘Registration’ app since it would comply with password policy, enables me to select groups in advance, and - most importantly - doesn’t open registrations to the whole world (as does the Registration app). I just want to invite my family & friends; the whole world doesn’t fit on my Raspberry Pi :wink:

On GitHub, @LukasReschke said this should not be part of core but rather a separate app. Personally I don’t see why such a basic admin functionality should have a separate app. But here’s my dire request in any case ! :slight_smile:


Hmm… has anything happened? Such a basic function…

If you add a new user without password he is called to set his own one. This is half of the trick isn’t it? Maybe ask the people before what username they would like? Don’t know how big your family is…

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