Making an app that open in a modal, like user_status does

hi, I’m am quite new to nextcloud app development but am trying something out.
I am trying to make a list/menu of links to open in a modal from the profile menu.

my main problem is getting the app (at least the js to run) anywhere in the nextcloud.
as of now, the Html looks like this:

but if I go to /apps/vueexample. it looks like this

and it works like a charm.

To me, it looks like the user_status app is available or runs everywhere.
is there a way to make my app run like the user_status app?
I need no more logic for this than the js in vue.js can provide.

Just to clearify, the app works as intended but only when you are in

found answer here: Navigation and pre-app configuration — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation
and here:
Bootstrapping — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation