Making a page only readable?

hello all,

I very much like the idea of this App, however…
… it would be so nice if I had a Circle which can edit the pages and others can only read it.

Most of my users are not IT affine and many of them are using NC for “downloading information”. Users do create pages or change content even if they don’t want do…

Any thoughts on that?

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… another suggestion (which seems to be more congruent with the basic idea of the app) is: a button wich let’s you edit the content.

so it’s very likely that no one changes content unintentionally…

I hope i make myself understandable!

Hello @nikweb :blush: Great that you like the Collectives app. We plan to look into sharing collectives with external/anonymous users in the future and most likely will add an option to share read-only as well.

For members of the circle that owns a collective, we don’t plan read-only support yet. Interesting to hear that it’s desirable though :wink:

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This should also be the case: when you add a new page, it’s opened in edit mode per default. But when opening an existing page, it should be opened in preview mode. In both cases, you should find a button next to the page title that allows you to switch between edit and preview mode.

I’m curious whether anything of this was not obvious to you and whether you have ideas on how to improve the user experience here :blush:

oh… you are so right! there is the edit button and it is placed quite prominent!
I think I confounded something…:upside_down_face:

Thanks for answer and your work!

I would also like to have a read only page.
It should be the start page of the nextcloud and provide orientation
Therefor I use
‘defaultapp’ => ‘collectives’,

And, my dream is, collectives could start with a default opened page.

This could be the landing page for the nextcloud.

This page would not be for experimentation and should be stable

thanks for your excellent work


Did anyone look more into this or any news on this?

I would also very much like to also the read-only option and be able to grant “editing rights” to only certain people.

We’r currently working on permission support in Collectives. You will be able to configure which Circle level is required in order to write to and/or share a collective.

If you want to follow the development, here’s the relevant merge request:

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Permission support in Collectives has been released with version 0.20.22.