"make watch-js" command does not notice changes in nextcloud/apps/files/css/files.scss

Hi there,

I installed the nextcloud server from gitlab and first I needed to build it. I ran the “make build-js” command and everything was fine. Then I started the watch by “make watch-js” command and made a small change to the following file “nextcloud/apps/files/css/files.scss” but the change was not noticed by the watch and nothing was updated. When I build from scratch the same exact change is noticed and appears in nextcloud. Are there any specific configurations for where the watch needs to keep searching for changes?

I noticed one thing, when a change occurs inside the src folder and vue components then the watch notices the change and compiles the source file but when the change is outside the src folder the watch does not notice it.

I was not able to find where in webpack.js files the watch has been configured. Any help would be appreciated.

The scss is not processed by webpack, I think, but with a php sass engine.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, it looks like something else is doing it. So if we change the styles we need to build from scratch every time?
And sorry for the naive question, but do you know if webpack can watch scss at all?

I think the styles should rebuild automatically somehow. You can run a occ maintenance:repair additionally to wipe the styles cache.

Webpack can watch them but it will need a loader to be able to process scss as modules.