Make user invisible to other group members


I have a NC instance running for different user groups, e.g. family, friends, company and more. I manage the access to some features like 2FA and mail client also by groups, so I have a group 2FA and mail, which can access those features. A side effect of this is, that users from family group can also see users of company group, because their members are both in the 2FA group. Is there a way to manage this any better? For obvious reasons I don’t want my wife to contact my secretary :wink:

Hi @dahumph,
I guess you’ve already ticked this option in your sharing settings?

Maybe this helps:
But I couldn’t get it to work.

Thanks for the reply, yes I’ve set this switch, but because the users are in the same group (2FA) this does not help. I’ll try the sharepermissions app, will post here if its working.

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