Make Nextcloud respond to secondary ip

Hi! I am quite new to Nextcloud and wanted to add it to my pihole. Since they both need :80 I am running into problems. Nextcloud seems to work, i installed it using snap. I didnt configure it yet though, because I want to fix the webserver-problem first.

So my question is, can I set nextcloud to only respond to the Pi’s secondary ip? eth0 hat and .173 - I want PiHole to use .172 and nextcloud .173

Pihole is properly configured and was just reachable by .172. Now NC occupies both addresses. (I tried owncloud before and there i could tweak apache to only respond to .173)

Sorry, I’m kinda lost here.


hey @Overmind123, welcome to the forum and thanks for your first participation here.

usually we urge our users to use the searchfunction of the forum before posting a similar thread… and thus you would have found several threads dealing with your question… i’d suggest to read through some of them since there are solutions to that question, already.

good luck

Thank you!
I have found some similar threads - but they don’t quite fit my problem and it didn’t really help me. I couldn’t find a thread where someone tried to move NC to a diffrent ip.

That’s going to be part of the Apache configuration.

I used snap and cant find the apache config - sorry if thats a tad stupid

do you have a reverse proxy installed, already?

You may find that the snap package isn’t suitable for advanced configuration. I don’t know if you can customize the Apache site config in it or not. If you can’t, and you haven’t gotten invested in the installation yet, you might consider switching to Docker.

But yes, Nextcloud doesn’t listen on any IPs or ports; The actual listening is done by the web server running Nextcloud.