Make existing picture repository available in nextcloud


I am not sure if I am posting in the right categoy. I need some advice how to do things.

I have a very big photo repository with well over 10.000 pictures. I want to make this repository available in nextcloud without copying or moving the data.

How can I do that? Is there a way to link the repo into nextcloud?


I am using latest nextcloud server on Manjaro Linux with ngnix web server.

i am not sure, as the pictures need to be taken in account in the DB.

it should work like this:
-make pix available in nc-datadir (mount via os or some nc-storage-module); take care that the right perms are supported
-set perms of those files/dirs for nc-user (eg www-data)
-select nc-user who the files will “belong to” and run occ files scan with that user

one important thing to consider is that without separate preview-generation the gallery will be very (unuseably) slow OR that separate preview-generation will take quite long (probably longer if mounted over network) and this time never decreases even if previews have been generated before.)

i store my pix (~90GB) locally on the server and use the second option. With pre-generated previews the gallery is really very nice; the price for this is ~3-4hrs per night for preview-generation and ~84GB of preview-files (as of today, i need to look into that!)
before getting satisfactory performance i had to adjust the mariadb-settings which really did a lot. you can find everything about that here in the forums.